Standard in aluminum

Standard in aluminum

Serie RA

Storlek 63 till 112

The rubber sealing between the box and lid is of good temperature and chemical resistance.

The rotor is dynamically balanced with half key and stored in fully sealed ball bearings, axially pressed by a strong spring washer. Cooling fan of thermoplastic that is enclosed by a steel fan cover.


  • IEC size 63-112
  • 0.12-4.0 kW at 1500 rpm ( 4-pole at 50 Hz)
  • 750-3000 rpm, even two speed version (Dahlander wiring/separate windings)
  • Manufactured normal for both 50 and 60 Hz. For other frequency/voltage combinations, requests quote.
  • UL and CSA approved insulation system
  • Foot motor IM 1001
  • Flange motor IM 3001, IM 3601
  • Foot-Flange motor IM 2001, IM 2101
  • With two shaft ends IM 1002, IM 3002, IM 3602
  • Without the bearing shield on the drive side IM 1201, IM 9101