All our motors are manufactured in Sweden

Elmo has over the years designed more than 5000 different motors. We can say that we know our thing. The characteristics of our product range is adoption, "the customer's special is our standard." Below are a few of these, divided into groups.

  • Standard in aluminum

    Standard in aluminum

    Serie RA

    Storlek 63 till 112

    The rubber sealing between the box and lid is of good temperature and chemical resistance . The rotor is dynamically balanced with half key and stored in fully sealed ball bearings , axially pressed by a strong spring washer . Cooling fan of thermoplastic that is enclosed by a steel fan cover .

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  • Standard in cast iron

    Standard in cast iron

    Serie R

    IEC size 63 to 160

    Stator frame and end shields of gray iron provides a robust and rugged housing . The rotors are dynamically balanced with half key and stored in fully sealed ball bearings , axially pressed by a strong spring washer. Cooling fan of thermoplastic that is enclosed by a steel fan cover. - Grease fittings for lubrication of bearings are standard on the R 160 - R program includes standardized and customized designs .

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  • Custom Design

    Custom Design


    Size 63 to 180

    " Special cheaper than the standard " . In many cases it may be that a custom motor is cheaper than a standard motor , almost invariably technically better . If motor performance is designed for the actual load , highest efficiency is achieved the , this saves energy . We develop , produce and supply electric motors , directly tailored to your unique application .

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  • Brake Motors

    Brake Motors

    Series RA, R

    Brake Motors series R and RA

    The program includes standardized and customized designs. Description and data for the motor and brake according to a separate specification.

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  • Roller conveyor Motors

    Roller conveyor Motors

    Series RL, SL

    Roller conveyor Motors for heavy duty

    Electric motors with high starting torque and cast iron enclosure . The motors are suitable for roller conveyors working under demanding conditions . Heavy reversible operation , frequent starts and stops , locking , speed control , high mechanical loads , vibrations , radiation, heat , rain and cold . In short : Do you have tough requirements , then our RL - Series is the right engine choice .

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  • Liquid cooled motors

    Liquid cooled motors

    Series HP

    High power in small form factor

    An electric motor specially designed for machines where the requirements for cleanliness and low noise and vibration levels . Important at high speeds , when a conventional motor fan noise becomes relatively high . It also features high output power in relation to building size and weight . This is an motor for standards of cleanliness and low maintenance costs . Since the motor has no fan and cooling ribs , and have a smooth surface , it is easy to keep clean . Meanwhile , the lack of fan to air pollution…

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  • Washing / spin

    Washing / spin

    Series CV, CW, CF, QSF

    Customized to washing machines

    CV and CW - motor is specially made for washing / centrifuge . They are also good examples of optimal customization .

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  • Fan motors

    Fan motors

    Serie QS

    Totally enclosed with mounting heels

    Our fan motor has an aluminum enclosure with mounting heel s on bouth sides. They come in sizes from 56 to132 . In addition to fan applications , it is also suitable for other purposes.

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  • Built in motors

    Built in motors

    Serie X

    Cost effective

    Wound stator and rotor assembly to be integrated directly in your machine. Motor characteristics is designed to meet specific application demand, this gives a cost effective solution with best power efficiency.

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