• Domestic raw materials.
  • Experienced and skilled staff
  • Well-equipped machine shop


Electric motors

From the standard to customized

We have designed more than 5000 different motors, we know how to do it.

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The integration makes us unique

We are a vertically integrated company. All processes are under one roof. This gives us the flexibility to meet customer demands for small series and short lead times of customized products.

  • R&D


    The products are developed in close cooperation with our customers.

  • Prototypes


    Pre production prototypes are undergoing extensive testing, verification and validation.

  • Stamping


    Our electrical steel are stamped in in-house developed / customized tools.

  • Die casting

    Die casting

    Die cast produced rotor package and motor components.

  • Machining


    The motor parts are processed in high-efficiency multi axis machines.

  • Winding


    We hand or machine wind, depending on volume and type of motor.

  • Insulation system

    Insulation system

    Our insulation system are well proven.

  • Assembly


    Assembly of the motor is done by experienced staff.

  • Final test

    Final test

    All motors are undergoing functional and safety tests before delivery.